The Personal Library Series

The Personal Library series is an ongoing collection of blog posts I am writing over the summer of 2018 on the idea of making the most of the books you own and building a community of active book sharing. Based on what I’ve written in my notebook and the general outline I included on the first post, I’m on track to write somewhere between 10 and 20 posts on the subject, with 2-3 posts coming out each week.

Currently, I’ve posted the following:

The first post, Introduction to the Personal Library, introduces the main themes of the series and loosely outlines a plan of topics to be covered in blog posts.

The second post, Buying Books, describes some of the prime motivations for buying books to help create context for further arguments about how we should treat our books.

The third post, The Bought Book, traces two simple stories on the life cycles of books to highlight the way most books are wastefully managed once purchased and read.

The fourth post, Origin Story: A Parable of Endless Castles, ties my motivations and ideals back to a specific summer role-playing a librarian on a Minecraft server. This one’s just for fun, and we’ll get back to the real arguments soon.

Stay engaged:

If you’re curious for more ideas on the Personal Library, please like or follow this blog. I would always love to hear your ideas or questions regarding the Personal Library, so feel free to comment on the posts or contact me directly at


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